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WoWEB represents professional Web Design & Development company offering full range of custom web services that bring "wow!" results and balance innovative web technology with cost-efficient solutions, solid experience and creative approach!

Web Design, PHP Development, SEO, Copywriting, Internet Marketing – these are just a few of services we provide for individuals and businesses coming to WOWEB. Armed with advanced programming technologies and design solutions, our team builds web applications of any complexity and business objective. Our designers, programmers and web optimizers work together until each project has the "wow" effect in every aspect of its design and performance.

Our work speaks for itself. View our completed websites that have already become successful, and scroll down to meet the WoWEB team that made them destined for success. Once you get WOWed by what you see, contact us and request a quote for your own project!



  • 365webdesigns

    365webdesigns web desing

    365 Web Designs project client was looking for custom website design that reflects professional image and field of the company. Our team has developed unique, intuitive Front page and Portfolio section with a focus on simplicity and usability. The Robot illustration was created from scratch to add modern, futuristic personality to the overall design.

  • Afix

    afix web desing

    For AFIX e-commerce project, we have the pleasure of creating a unique theme for online store software PrestaShop. The theme featured simple elegant colors giving more emphasis on website content and products. Home page, product page, and shopping cart module were developed user-friendly and customized according to the client's requirements.

  • Bay Planks

    bay-planks web desing

    Skateboarding website is one of our favorite projects. A team of young skateboarders asked us to create skateboarding website, including unique Logo design. For this project, we have developed stylish design that presents the skateboarders in person and reflects their dedication and energetic spirit. Front and back pages as well as many other user-friendly elements were crafted by us from scratch.

  • Berkenbosch

    berkenbosch web desing

    Berkenbosch project included unique Front page, Portfolio, and Logo design. Per client requirements, we have developed pages reflecting company serious image and providing target audience with clear overview of Internet Marketing solutions they offer. All designs were created with the accent on modern minimalism and usefulness. In addition, we have designed a theme for Wordpress.

  • bigfish

    bigfish web desing

    For Big Fish Productions, offering nature and travel DVD products, our team has designed 5 unique themes for each category type.

  • Clicecommerce

    clicecommerce web desing

    Clic Ecommerce web agency project included the development of unique Logo and design of Front page, Portfolio, and Services section. The designs portray serious image and professional nature of the company. We have maintained the clean, clear approach and concentrated on using simple colors that do not distract target audience from the website’s main message and purpose.

  • Zirtual

    zirtual web desing

    WOWEB team was delighted to get involved in developing unique designs for Zirtual, a Personal Concierge Service for busy people. We have created custom Logo design as well as front and back pages. Comprehensive and aesthetic visual style was maintained to provide Zirtual audience with clear overview and professional image of the company.


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  • WoWeb Boss
    WoWeb Boss
    WoWeb Boss
    "WOWEB values quality over quantity approach. Regardless of the project goal and type, our team guarantees individual web solutions that bring best results possible in a timely and cost-effective manner. " CEO
  • MacBoss
    "Web project management can be a very complex task. Project planning and complete monitoring of the development process is my key job and top priority." Product Manager
  • Zmei
    "Along with using proven and advanced web technologies, we continually adapt new programming solutions. Quality, security and usability of web applications – first and foremost!" PHP
  • Endi
    "The process of writing source code often requires expertise in many different subjects, including knowledge of the application domain, specialized algorithms and formal logic." PHP
  • Bruts
    "Code writing is the crucial step in turning designs into reality. I create efficient hand-coded XHTML/CSS web pages that meet desired goals in both look and function. " (x)HTML(5) Coder, CSS Guru
  • Plast
    "Design is the search for a magical balance between business & art, art & craft, intuition & reason, concept & detail, playfulness & formality, client & designer." Designer
  • Sveta
    "Colorful vector and raster illustrations for Web design, Business mascots, Characters for iPhone, iPad applications, E-books, Icon sets for websites & interfaces." Illustrator


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